Wednesday, September 5, 2018
C asean


Why Attend?

More and more companies have discovered that creating positive social and environmental impact is a requirement for success in the 21st century. The reasons are intrinsic to business: Faced with pollution, poverty, and ecological crisis, consumers are demanding change by shifting how they consume.

As the world’s most populous region, Asia shoulders the greatest share of these challenges. But we also face the greatest opportunity. It’s possible to integrate a higher purpose—a commitment to doing good—into our corporate strategies and bottom lines. Discover how leaders and movement builders in Thailand are turning purpose into growth. 

Founders of world-changing companies. Professionals driving movements for good. Researchers studying the growth of this dynamic new sector. Students preparing for impactful careers. Governments supporting these efforts. These are the inspiring people who will gather in Bangkok this September. 


Calling All Trailblazers


Addressing social and environmental issues is now a prerequisite for business success. Learn to build impact into your corporate strategy. Meet your future partners and ecosystems to bring about the changes your customers demand.


Discover how to support businesses that make a difference for the economy—and for citizens. Engage with business leaders who are innovating for cities, reinventing agriculture, reshaping the energy supply, and becoming the Best for the World®. 

Movement Drivers

The social and environmental challenges we face today are too complex for any one person to address. Connect with likeminded builders and shapers across Asia to forge partnerships. Stay on top of new ideas and cutting-edge trends to bring B Corp’s ideas to life. 


With 81 companies in 16 countries in Asia, B Corps are an established and fast-growing sector. Scoop new trends in social business, including emerging legal structures and IPO prospects, so you can be the voice that delivers the “business for good” message to the world. 


Benefit Corporations are a burgeoning sector of the Asian economy. Unpack the most recent developments in the field. Discover new research opportunities. Meet existing B Corps. Connect with other researchers. Find unmatched opportunities for purposeful industry careers.


Be a beacon. Share your stories of impact and identify opportunities for collaboration with like-minded organizations. Learn how industry organizations are dedicating resources to help B Corporations flourish. 


C asean

90 CW Tower ถนนรัชดาภิเษก แขวง ห้วยขวาง เขต ห้วยขวาง กรุงเทพมหานคร 10310


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"Barnraising" refers to an old tradition in farming communities where everyone comes together to strengthen one of their members. This act of generosity strengthens the entire community in return.

The community of Certified B Corps in Asia is proud to welcome Thailand to the B Corp Movement and can't wait to see how Thai B Corps will strengthen our entire Asian community.