So that more and more companies, people and institutions commit to increasing their positive social and environmental impact, we need to link the public and private worlds. We are working with national, regional, and municipal governments to promote public policies that enable socially and environmentally beneficial companies and other impact organizations to thrive.

Help Us Build the Movement

Legislative Action


B Corp Asia is promoting the adoption of Social Benefit laws in multiple countries to ensure legal recognition for companies seeking to make positive impact. 

The laws we have drafted and are advocating for recommend the following:

  • Extending the definition of a company's purpose to include the pursuit of "triple impact": economic, social and environmental;
  • Extending the legal duties of leaders, managers, and employees to consider the medium and long-term interests of a company's stakeholders
  • Extending the legal conception of "stakeholders" to account for shareholders, employees, consumers, the community where the company operates, the company's subsidiaries, and the local and global environment;
  • Requiring companies covered under the legislation to report annually on the progress of their triple impact;
  • Requiring that reporting be based on standards developed by independent entities.

Best for Cities Challenges


B Corp Asia supports a series of "Best for Cities" challenges, in which leaders in cities around Asia identify the group of companies that has the largest positive impact on the city. The challenges use the B Lab Quick Impact Assessment, which assesses each company's performance on a range of environmental and social sustainability indicators. 

Best for the City not only generates significant public attention for the most impactful companies; it also helps create symbioses—new opportunities for cities and businesses to collaborate to drive the city's progress.

If you're interested in developing a Best for Cities challenge where you live, please contact us