B Corp Asia helps investors, investment funds, public market actors, and other financial entities measure their social and environmental impacts alongside their financial performance. We invite any financial actor that wants to promote better social or environmental practices to join the B Movement by participating in the Measure What Matters program and becoming a strategic partner.


Measure What Matters

Measure What Matters is a program that empowers investment funds and related financial entities to measure, improve, and manage the social and environmental impacts of their investments. The system monitors and analyzes performance along these metrics with the same rigor as financial indicators are typically monitored. It enables those with a great deal of financial responsibility to make responsible decisions. 

The evaluation comprises a system of simple, efficient and globally comparable measures:

B Impact Assessment and B-Analytics

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A simple, efficient, and globally comparable measurement system can evaluate your investment portfolios and business network.

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Through the B Analytics Software you can analyze aggregated data and develop strategies for improving the impact of your investment portfolios.

Investment Funds

Evaluate the impact of your investments. Use the results to inform responsible decisions and to deliver concrete and measurable improvements. Build a strategic plan to implement socially and environmentally beneficial policies, practices, and business models. Start by completing the B Impact Assessment, and receive a customized report of improvement strategies and impact business model tools.


Become a Partner

Drive profit and good. Join a global consortium of financial entities that are broadening their measurement of value. Help your portfolio companies and partners assess and better their impact on society and the environment.